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Up-lock-Academy (ULA)


Why do we need another new academy? Why do we need the Up-Lock-Academy?


Just like 30 years ago the Osteointegration Academy was created to highlight the importance of the technique in implantology, Drs. Wilfried Engelke, Sandra Kahn and Holger Claas founded the Up-lock Academy in Witzenhausen in 2021. 


The goal is to support a paradigm shift in dentistry, medicine and related disciplines. Up-lock breathing  is a new concept that describes the ideal position for regenerative breathing rest, and as a critical concept requires a new society. 


The underlining concept is that the position of the tongue at rest cannot be understood by the active muscle actions, that is the physics of solid body mechanics, but it requires the consideration of the dynamic of fluids. That is the key to understand Up-lock breathing.  


The Up-lock Academy is responsible for protocol knowledge and technique updates. 





Membership in the academy or IASD will allow 

  • participation in continuing education, 
  • special discounts, 
  • training, 
  • and listing on the map of certified biofunctional therapists.  


More information about the academy, certifications, courses, and equipment will be available on the website.



German Academy Sports Dentistry




DASZM was founded in 2020 in Braunschweig, Germany by the leading associations of Sports Dentistry in Germany as of DGzPRsport and DGSZT (Dental technology in Sports.