The IASD is cooperating with associated groups, Groups of Special Interest, corporate members and institutional members.



Associated groups


Under the umbrella of the IASD, the various national associations of sports dentistry organize themselves as associated groups. The IASD assists national associations in the performance of their duties. Representatives of the national associations meet regularly in the IASD’s General Assembly to communicate the interests of their national companies and define common tasks and goals.



Groups of Special Interest




Associated Organizations Network


The Associated Organizations Network coordinates and organizes universal global standards at the director level



Institutional Section Membership:


Educational institutes, research institutions, and top sport institutions can organize themselves within the IASD and support the IASD in fulfilling its tasks and achieving their goals.



Corporate Section Membership


Due to its mission, IASD welcomes the participation of companies in promoting dental, oral, craniofacial and sports research around the world.

Many of these companies choose to support IASD through membership in the Corporate Section. These Corporate Section Membership offers benefits for both sides. Through the Corporate Section, your organization has the opportunity to promote dental research and to have an active voice in the direction of the IASD.

To become a member of the Corporate Section, first study the advantage of Corporate Section Membership. Then we appreciate your decision in membership in the Corporate Section.


Further information, please contact IASD Director Cooperations, Dr. Schulz-Fincke, Mail: