Requirements of Associated Groups

Associated groups must...

  1. Meet the code of ethics according to IADR IADR and AADR Boards of Directors (January, 2000))
  2. Provide educational courses based on IASD standards to students, assistants, dentists or others interested in sports dentistry.
  3. Apply evidence based dental research while following a scientific board of their own or that of IASD.  
  4. Congregate annually to organize activities of the society and consider member affairs.   
  5. Elect a president and vice president, as well as delegate 2 persons to represent their group in the IASD congress (meeting every four years). 
  6. Consist of a minimum of 50 members.
  7. Contribute 15% of their collected member fees to IASD. 
  8. Generate an application for IASD that contemplates why they are joining and acknowledges the requirements of associated groups.   

Associated groups that fail to follow one or more of the requirements could terminate their association with IASD.