Students Membership

Join the IASD students group and have some great benefits:


The IASD students group is a student-organized group that conducts student activities in the field of sports dentistry under the organization of the IASD.


The aim is to organize students interested in sports dentistry locally in groups at the local dental school.

The IASD students group consists of a network of self-governing local student groups at each dental school and is run nationally by officers elected by a majority vote of all members.





  • The IADSD students group gives its student members a voice in the IASD.
  • She is committed to establishing a local IASD students group at each dental school.
  • The IASD students group promotes the professional interests of its members and organizes annual national meetings.
  • Providing internship to students to develop and enhance their interests and abilities at the local and national / international levels in Sports Dentistry.
  • To create a functioning network of like-minded people.
  • Promote student participation in dental research in the field of sports dentistry and related disciplines,
  • get the students excited and interested about the IASD and their goals. 


Conditions: The IASD student membership is for free.